Liberating motivation

In the last 12 months I’ve been involved in delivering five Liberating Structures immersion workshops in Sydney, Lima, Buenos Aires, Santiago and Auckland. I found them immensely educational, energising and fun.

The most important words any leader can say

Vulnerability loops We all know that trust is the key to group cooperation, but how do you create it? The answer is vulnerability loops: moments when group members candidly share weakness with each other —like what went wrong, and how you might improve next time. Make Sure Leaders Signal Vulnerability First and Often Though we […]

Is the quality and speed of feedback helping or hindering you leading a high-performing team?

As a full-time professional executive coach one of the recurring themes for my coachees is the need for them to have uncomfortable conversations with team members about their performance. I often wonder if leaders spent more time creating an effective feedback culture, processes and dialogue their need to have uncomfortable conversations would significantly reduce. In this blog […]

Do you focus on your strengths?

I attended a conference in Atlanta, Georgia over the weekend, from the comfort of my home in Lyttelton. The ICF Advance Science of Coaching conference was available through live video streaming over the internet. Several of the presenters spoke of the research findings around strengths. Strengths are our natural capacities – when we use them, […]