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Unleash creativity and innovation in your strategic planning process.
In fact, anytime you meet with groups for a purpose.

We are passionate about working with businesses to develop a culture of creativity and innovation that truly unleashes business potential. Through our guidance and facilitation your business can tap into the knowledge and skills of each of your team members creating a culture of change and competitive advantage.

Conventional group meetings are often too structured (presentations, status reports, managed discussions) or too unstructured (open discussions and brainstorms) to creatively engage your team in shaping their future. Liberating Structures provides a fresh approach to strategy making and purposeful meetings, helping leaders to achieve better results and allowing everyone to contribute. 

“When you feel included and engaged, do you do a better job? Do you think teams in which people work well together produce much better results? Have you noticed the best ideas often come from unexpected sources? Do you want to work at the top of your intelligence and give the same opportunity to others?”

Creators of Liberating Structures

Access Liberating Structures to truly achieve your business and leadership potential

We offer two ways to access the Liberating Structures programme. David can facilitate a Strategy Knotworking session or work with your managers to train them to facilitate and run sessions themselves, integrating the Liberating Structures concepts into the core of your corporate strategy, innovation, creativity and organisational culture.

We provide the structure – you provide the content

We offer the opportunity for your business to experience the power of how Liberating Structures can develop your strategic planning process under our guidance and facilitation. During a Strategy Knotworking session not only are strategies formulated but related work (e.g., clarifying operational and cross-functional interdependencies) can also be accomplished because many more people are included and fully engaged. Each participant is invited to contribute to an interrelated set of challenges: purpose clarity, the context for change, shifts in operating structure, transitions in products/service offerings, and commitments to follow-through. With Liberating Structures, we tap an intrinsic capacity to simultaneously and mutually shape our future.

Achieve better results – Liberating Structures as core to your business

Liberating Structures offers easy methods for managers or leaders to achieve better results in every situation, provided they are willing to include as many of the affected people as possible. Problem solving, making decisions, planning, or innovating become processes they are facilitating rather than directing. They quickly discover that it is possible, and not that difficult, to include and engage everybody and give everyone the opportunity to contribute.

David will work with your leaders & managers, at any level, to develop the skills they need to guide participants themselves using the Liberating Structures frameworks. These easy-to-learn, adaptable methods for engagement make it quick and simple for groups of people of any size to radically change how they interact and work together, and thus how they address issues, solve problems and develop opportunities.

Liberating Structures introduce tiny shifts in the way we meet, plan, decide and relate to one another. They put the innovative power, once reserved for experts only, in the hands of everyone.

Learn more about our Liberating Structures immersion workshops by exploring our YouTube video playlist.

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