Do you focus on your strengths?

I attended a conference in Atlanta, Georgia over the weekend, from the comfort of my home in Lyttelton. The ICF Advance Science of Coaching conference was available through live video streaming over the internet. Several of the presenters spoke of the research findings around strengths. Strengths are our natural capacities – when we use them, we feel energised and engaged, and perform at out best. Using strengths has significant double-wins for both individuals and organisations. For individuals, it feels good and we achieve our goals better. For organisations, this means that people using their strengths are much more likely to deliver their best work.

  • People who use their strengths every day are 6 x more likely to be engaged on the job.1
  • 98% of candidates believe that an employer recognising their strengths is important.


I am a certified Realise2 practitioner which enables me to debrief you on the Realise2 strengths assessment tool and work with you to focus on marshalling your realised strengths, moderate your learned behaviours, minimising your weaknesses and maximising your unrealised strengths.