Political Coaching

Are you a political leader looking to stay focussed and adapt to the ever-changing environment? Whether you are a local, regional, or national politician it requires skill to move past barriers and lead real action for climate change. Our coaching is for elected representatives at all levels of government looking to address the climate crisis through processes like transforming how we power our lives, how we live in cities, and how we move ourselves around, so we can rapidly lower emissions.

Transform climate change politics with positive action.

New Zealand is one of the few countries to have a net zero emissions by 2050 goal enshrined in law, via the Zero Carbon Act. In order to meet this goal we need as many courageous, committed and effective politicians as possible. These politicians, at all levels of government, need to rapidly effect change and allow New Zealand to rapidly transition to a low emission economy. Additionally, there is a tension to be managed between the need for rapid climate action and ensuring a ‘just transition’ for all, that will ensure that the impacts of the changes and opportunities that may arise are evenly distributed. Navigating this political arena, at any level, is a significant challenge.

Climate-aware politicians face several dilemmas, such as the temptation to focus on short-term gains or appeal to people’s fears and frustrations. If you communicate complexity, the risk is that people don’t understand. If you simplify, then they may misunderstand. Motivating people around positive aspirations is challenging as it requires imagination, creativity and courage. Politicians must collaborate across the party spectrum to successfully take climate action. Do you have the necessary networks to influence and act collaboratively?

Political coaching will help you to develop the resilience to survive, and in fact thrive, in the political arena. 

If you are  dedicated to climate adaptation and mitigation and looking to make a difference in the ever-changing political arena but don’t know where to start, then give me a call.