Maturity Profile

The Maturity Profile, MAP, offers a one-of-a-kind view of self-understanding. It measures the meaning and sense-making of the individual across the leadership maturity framework. The MAP is a robustly researched and validated instrument for measuring vertical development in leaders. Understanding how an individual grows through systems of meaning-making and sense-making systems can benefit themselves, their relationships, and their organisations. We can use the MAP to individualise coaching that both supports and challenges you to develop horizontally and vertically. 

Vertical development is different from skill or competency development.  Vertical development fosters growth and new perspectives essential in the complexity of today’s world, both professional and personal.

Perhaps it is easiest to picture vertical development as climbing a path winding up a mountain. At the base, early in the journey, our view is limited. As we travel upward, we can see further, and have a better view. The further we climb, the broader our perspective and the more it reveals of what was previously hidden. At the top, suddenly there is more than just our mountain, and we come upon other mountains, even other ranges stretching beyond the horizon. Like a winding road, vertical development is not linear, but a complex journey.

Evidence gathered through research over the last four decades shows that vertical development can be traced as a logical sequence of eight stages of increasing maturity. Each stage is generally more effective, flexible, and insightful than the one before. With each new level of development, leaders become significantly more capable of functioning at optimum levels and with more ease in our ever-more rapidly changing and ambiguous environment. Moving through the stages of development, we gain not only autonomy and freedom, but also increasing tolerance for difference and ambiguity. We generally become less defensive, and simply more open to what is true about ourselves including our fears.

Leadership Assessments

As an accredited, qualified and experienced coach, David offers four evidence-based coaching methods and assessments and can work with you to identify the method that suits your circumstances best.

The Maturity Profile is a robustly researched and validated instrument for measuring vertical development in leaders.

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Embodied Leadership Strengths Profile is a body-based assessment for intact leadership teams or groups who are seeking to improve how they engage and collaborate together to drive forward organisational outcomes.

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A high-quality 360° feedback leadership assessment that reveals the relationship between patterns of action and the internal assumptions that drive behaviour

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An in-depth Growth Edge Interview can help you find your current growing edge and better handle complexity, ambiguity and change.

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