Collective Leaders Express Themselves Openly, Respectfully And With Full Authenticity

Adept collective leaders are present and aware of self, those around them, and the system they are a part of. They are able to express themselves openly, naturally, respectfully and fully authentically to nurture systemic health and transformation. In this article, I discuss how collective leadership requires people to connect with one another openly and honestly, with the courage to be fully, authentically expressed. When we each know we can trust this from others, we have enough safety to freely offer up to the collective all our insights, talents, strengths, creativity and innovation and to show up fully. I discuss John Gottman’s commonly seen “team toxins” that have negative impacts on relationships. These toxic ways of behaving damage team collaboration and are difficult to recover from. When they are in play it is impossible for a team to practice collective leadership. I provide ideas on how to move your team toward connectedness, trust and co-creating together.

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