A Fascinating New Case Study: How One Organisation Significantly Improved Employee Engagement and Created An Exceptional Leadership Culture

Looking to create exceptional leadership culture, behaviours and practice that impact your whole organisation?

We are proud to announce a new case study showcasing the work of Leadership Coefficient and the leadership excellence of one of our clients – Singleton Council.

Enjoy this energising story of how exceptional leadership culture, behaviours and practice that transformed the whole organisation were achieved. The results speak for themselves:

  • Employee engagement improved by 73%.
  • Leadership engagement scores improved by 70%, 74% and 64%.
  • A high impact experiential learning solution delivered that re-shaped the organisational culture.

You can download the Case Study here.

“I’ve always known that wisdom is not up to me – it lives in the collective. As a keen systems thinker, I wanted a team that could take a collective approach to leadership.”